Academics in Austria

Academics in Austria are no less rigorous than on campus back in Steubenville. You will learn from Franciscan University professors in classes taught in English. Nearly every major program offered at Franciscan allows for time spent in Austria, but you need to prepare well in advance with your advisor so your academic needs are met while studying in Austria.

Students with Disabilities

Franciscan University encourages all students to study in Austria. Our Austrian Office and our Student Academic Support Services (SASS) work to make this unique study abroad opportunity available to all. The key to a successful adventure in Austria is advanced planning. Learn More at SASS »

Classes offered in Austria

For the official list be sure to consult your advisor and MyFranciscan, but in general here are the courses offered in Gaming each semester:

Available in Fall and Spring Semesters

  • ART 150 GA: Catholic Tradition in Visual Arts
  • EDU 211 GA: Early Experience III
  • ENG 210 GA Epic and the Person
  • ENG 211 GA: Lyric & Dramatic Voices
  • GRM 101 GA: Elementary German I
  • HST 323 GA: Medieval World
  • HST xxx GA: TBD – Upper Level History Elective
  • PHL 113 GA: Philosophy of the Human Person
  • PHL 211 GA: Metaphysics
  • PHL 212 GA: Foundations of Ethics
  • PHY 105 GA: Survey of Physical Sciences
  • THE 101 GA: Foundations of Catholicism
  • THE 110 GA: Word of God: Scripture & Tradition
  • THE 115 GA: Christian Moral Principles
  • THE 341 GA: Christian Marriage

Available Fall Only

  • GRM 201 GA: Intermediate German I
  • HON 201 GA: Honors Program III (4 credits)
  • HON 301 GA: Honors Program V (4 credits)
  • HON 401 GA: Honors Program VII (4 credits)
  • HST 105 GA: History of Western Civilization I
  • NUR 201 GA: Nursing from Concept to Practice
  • THE 213 GA: Theology of Christ

Available Spring Only

  • GRM 102 GA: Elementary German II
  • GRM 202 GA: Intermediate German I
  • HON 202 GA: Honors Program IV (4 credits)
  • HON 302 GA: Honors Program VI (4 credits)
  • HST 106 GA: History of Western Civilization II
  • HST 327 GA: French Revolution & 19th Century Europe
  • THE 214 GA: Theology of the Church
  • THE 314 GA: Sacraments
Austria Faculty

Dr. Javier Carreño

Austria Faculty Chair

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