Information on Banking: 

You are able to use debit cards over in Europe to withdraw cash from ATMs (Bancomats), but you will need to alert your bank ahead of time that you will be traveling abroad.  Failure to do so could result in your card being labeled as stolen, and your account frozen.

  • Most banks have “International Partner Banks” in Europe, so you will want to check which banks have an agreement with yours in order to save on foreign-ATM transaction fees.
  • There are several ATMs in Gaming itself, and the nearby grocery store also takes credit cards.
  • Many cities and towns in Europe are largely cash-based economies, so having euro handy is definitely recommended.

You may also want to consider a Travel Rewards Credit Card, for multiple reasons. (To consider a Travel Rewards card, take a look at the Points Guy Top Travel Rewards Cards website, and see if the benefits play in your favor.)

  • Most Travel Rewards cards have no foreign transaction fees, saving you a few bucks on each purchase.
  • A lost/stolen credit card is easier to cancel than lost/stolen cash.
  • You acquire points as you use your card for purchases, helping you to travel/book lodging for cheaper prices, or even for free.
  • Include Rental Car insurance.
  • Other benefits depending on the card.