Information on Cell Phones:

Every student coming to Gaming needs to bring a phone so you can be reached in case of an emergency.

In Gaming, we MUST have an emergency contact # for you. You have three options to provide one:

  • Contact your cell provider to get an International Plan (with calling/texting possible)
  • Use a WiFi app (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.) as your emergency contact number (most popular option). You’d just need to find WiFi to access these apps. 
    • In an emergency, even phones without an international plan can be used abroad, just at an expensive rate for the call/data usage.
  • Purchase an international SIM Card: this is a great option from Amazon that provides 12GB of data for use throughout Europe and costs around $45.
    • This card is usable for up to 12 months, so it’ll cover your semester abroad
    • Because it offers data only, you’d have to use apps (including FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, or Messenger) for calls/texts
    • Make sure your smartphone is unlocked before purchasing any new sim cards (here’s an article explaining what it means to ‘unlock’ your phone)
    • If you use a new SIM card, you wouldn’t have access to your normal SIM card data until you put it back in the phone at the end of the semester

Since 2019, all SIM cards purchased in Austria need to be registered via passport, in person at the phone shop. Because of this, we had to discontinue the use of our old rental phones. If you are opting for a SIM card, make sure your phone is unlocked so that you can use a new SIM card without any issue.

For cell phones and other electronic devices, you will need to purchase an adapter like this one on Amazon. Note: Adaptors are sufficient for things like cell phones and laptops. You only need a converter for high voltage items like hair dryers.