Information on Flights: 

If you have not yet submitted your Arrival Information, please do so on the Austria Study Abroad page on The Port, as soon as you’re able. Transportation will be provided for the students to and from the airport given that they book within the given windows.

  • Cheaper flight arrives a day early? Many students opt to arrive to Vienna early, and to stay overnight with other Franciscan students either in the airport, or at a nearby hostel/hotel.  
  • Check for lodging options.
  • Trains, buses and taxis are available directly from the airport into Vienna.
  • Book trains and buses either at the airport kiosks, or on
  • Vienna airport will hold your luggage for you for around 10 euro a day, so that you don’t have to worry about lugging it around Vienna with you, should you arrive early.

No students are permitted to arrive to Gaming early, as the dorms will still be in preparation for your arrival.

We will be monitoring all incoming flights on the arrival day. Should any be delayed, we will arrange a separate shuttle.  Don’t worry! You won’t be stranded there!