Information on Getting Through Customs and Baggage Claim:

  • When you land in Vienna, you’ll probably be tired.  If you have a direct flight from the States into Vienna, you’ll make your way through security and passport control.  The agents are nice – smile and tell them how excited you are for studying here this semester! If you have a connecting flight into Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dublin, Munich, Rome, Paris, or some other European gateway, you’ll have done this prior to Vienna. In any event, you’ll make your way to the baggage claim area. You’ll probably see other FUS students there as well.


  • After collecting your bags, make your way through the exit area (two tall white sliding doors – follow the rest of the crowd to get out) and start to look for the Franciscan staff and students gathering. They will be to the RIGHT out of the doors. If you are unsure of where you are, look for McDonald’s!


  • Sometimes problems and difficulties arise that are unforeseen – lost baggage, missed connection flights, etc. We have seen it all and are prepared for these issues – in fact, we expect them to happen. Below are the procedures (VERY IMPORTANT) to follow in those cases. The better you follow these instructions in those tough moments, the more easily they can be taken care of later.


What if my bags don’t arrive?


The lost baggage counter is inside the baggage claim area (next to the baggage carts as you come around the corner into the baggage claim area). This is important because once you exit the secure area (the tall white doors) you cannot re-enter! You will need to provide a general description of the bag plus your address & phone number in Austria. Please fill out the form with this address:


Your Name

Kartause 1

A-3292 Gaming, NO


Point of Contact in Gaming: Frau (Mrs.) Andrea Krenn at +43 7485 98678 10


If you arrive in Vienna AFTER your scheduled arrival time…

For all late arrivals, due to missed flights or cancellations, we will coordinate new pick up times. Since it is normal that several students trickle in, there is a possibility that we need you to wait in the airport until some other students arrive. The time of your pick up should, hopefully, be coordinated with you when you originally contact our Director of Student Life in Austria, Nick Jacobson. HOWEVER, if you arrive and have not received a new pick-up time then this is what you do:


  1. Gather your checked luggage and go through customs into the main arrival hall (there will be a ton of people there waiting for other passengers coming through customs).
  2. You will then exit the baggage claim area and go through some automatic doors that take you into the arrival hall.
  3. As you exit those doors, immediately to your right (outside of a metal railing that separates visitors from travelers) there is an information booth that says “Information Booth”. This is across from the McDonald’s.
  4. The attendant should speak English. Tell him/her your name and that you are a Franciscan student studying in Gaming. That person should have your pick up time. If not, she/he can contact us. 
  5. If your flight is delayed, contact Nick Jacobson (Director of Student Life) or Tom Wolter (Program Director) to update them of any details. Their contact information is below:

           Nick Jacobson: [email protected] 0043-676-471-1106

           Tom Wolter: [email protected] 0043-676-719-6141