Information on Mailing for the Kartause:

All mail is delivered to the main office, and letters will be brought to student mailboxes while packages are held in the main office.

Shipping to the Kartause can begin as early as the fall prior and extends through the semester. Follow the tips below to keep from paying hefty customs fees:

  • Label contents on the bag as “Used Personal Goods” and keep the declared value low (less than $150 total value) to prevent customs delays.
  • Starting in 2021, Austria now charges customs fees (to be paid by the recipient upon delivery) on almost all international packages sent to Austria.
    • All packages arriving at the Kartause are delivered to the main office, and our office staff receives the packages, pays custom fees, and notifies students. Students who have received packages are notified of the customs fees owed and must pay the office staff in cash (Euros).
  • Sending medicine of any kind (including over-the-counter medications and vitamins): 
  • Generally prohibited and often causes entire packages to be rejected. 
  • If a family wants to take the risk of sending medication, they should provide the following inside the shipment:
    1. Prescription and receipt for the individual medicine
    2. A letter stating that the medicine contained is not available in the EU and that the medicine is absolutely essential to the life and well-being of the student it’s being mailed to
    3. Taking these precautions does NOT ensure that the package will be delivered successfully. Many packages have been returned to the sender, so please take this into consideration when packing for the semester. If you decide to bring medication over with you, be sure to put them into your carry-on bag, not your checked bag.
  • Order books and/or supplies on (the German Amazon site) to save on international shipping rates.


If you or a loved one are handwriting a letter or package to someone in Austria, please use the following address

Student Name

Franciscan University Austria Program

Kartause 1


Gaming, NO

Austria, Europe


Below is a screenshot of the exact fields to fill in when ordering on  Hopefully it clears up any mailing address confusion!  (Also, is the German site for Amazon, so unless you’re fluent in German, you’ll have to select English at the top center/right of the screen under the search bar. You will need to change DE to EN.)  Here’s the mailing address details (only applicable for