Information on Medicine:

Students should secure a four-month supply of any prescription medications before traveling to Gaming. Refills of prescription medication cannot be mailed to Europe. Medications, both prescription and OTC, typically do not make it past customs if they are sent in the mail.

Certain medicines which are common in the States are either not available in Gaming, or hard to come by.  Past students have found the following to be good to bring over if you have needs in these areas. Pack supplements and pills into your carry-on bags, NOT your checked bags.

  1.       Motion sickness medicine
  2.       Imodium
  3.       Electrolyte powders
  4.       Tylenol
  5.       Allergy medicine
  6.       Eye drops
  7.       Anti-itch cream
  8.       Triple antibiotic cream
  9.       Cold medicine (Mucinex, Nyquil/Dayquil)
  10.       Nasal decongestant
  11.       Bug repellant
  12.       Moleskin (for blisters from hiking)
  13.     Contact lens solution


***Medications cannot usually get past customs if they are sent in the mail. Additionally, any medication that you are bringing with you for the semester should be packed into your carry-on bag, not your checked bag. If they are flagged in your checked bag, your entire bag may be sent back to the States upon arrival to Vienna.***