Information on Shops in Gaming:

There are many shops located in downtown Gaming, which is a 5-minute walk from the Kartause.  Below is a list of shops and a general idea of what they carry:

  1. SPAR: Grocery store for food and household needs, i.e. soap, laundry detergent, paper products, etc.
  2. Apotheke: Pharmacy for over the counter needs and prescriptions.
  3. Drugstore: has toiletries, shampoo, makeup, etc. (Girls, you may want to pack feminine items. The ones available in Gaming are different than you will be accustomed to.)
  4. Tabak shop: has SIM cards for phones which have been unlocked, as well as minutes to put on prepaid phones, such as the ones you can rent from the university.
  5. Two Medical doctors: who speak English fluently and are well-acquainted with our students.
  6. Two Banks: (Raiffeisen, Sparkasse)
  7. Moni’s School Supplies: it’s all in the name…
  8. Matschi Intersport: outdoor/sports gear

A note to remember:  Some of the stores do not carry some typical items such as an adapter/converter. Before coming to Gaming you may want to search and make sure you can buy the items you may need on there before leaving the states so you don’t get stuck without an important item.