Information on Textbooks:

You will receive your book lists for the semester from the Austrian Enrollment Office via email in mid-December. All books listed are your responsibility to bring. Some books are provided in Austria and those will not be listed. If some of your classes do not list textbooks, do not fear! They will be provided for you.

Option 1: Order them in the States and bring them to Europe with you.

Option 2: Order them on and have them shipped directly to the Kartause.

If a book is listed, you are responsible for having that exact edition (search the ISBN number to make sure it’s the right one). Again: books that are provided in Gaming will NOT be listed. If you see it, then you need to buy it!

NOTE: The Bookstore on main campus NO LONGER provides textbook information for Austria. Any questions related to textbooks should be directed to the Austrian Enrollment Office at [email protected]


Please address packages as follows (see example of shipping information on Amazon under “Mailing Information for the Kartause”):


Student Name

Franciscan University Austria Program

Kartause 1


Gaming, NO

Austria, Europe


Since is the German site for Amazon and unless you’re fluent in German, you’ll have to select English at the top center/right of the screen, under the search bar. You will need to change DE to EN. Refer to the screenshot above in the Mailing Information section for the exact way to fill in the information for mailing.