Travel Apps and Tips:

Train and Travel Apps to download ahead of time:


  • Insider Hack: While you will be able to map out your whole trip using one app, you can only PURCHASE the tickets for that app’s country.  So, while you might be able to see your whole itinerary on Oebb’s Scotty App, you’ll still have to purchase the German trains through their website or App, and the Italian ones through their website or App, etc.


  • Wait to buy your Eurail until you have your travel plans sorted out.  It might be more economical to fly, rent a car, or take the school’s pre-planned optional excursions


  • Getting into Vienna a day early?  Don’t want to lug your bags around with you all day? Click here, to visit the Vienna Airport website, where you can read how to store your luggage at the Vienna Airport for only 4e euro per piece of luggage.  Once you click on the link, scroll down to “Left Luggage Service”.

If you do decide to leave your big bags there, pack a small bag of clothes and toiletries into your big bag, so that you can easily extract it from your luggage when you’re leaving the airport. That, my friends, is TRAVELING SMART.