Travel to/from Vienna Airport during semester:

  1. While we offer shuttles to and from the Vienna Airport at the beginning and end of the semester (arrival and departure days), during the semester, students will need to make this journey on their own.
  2. We simply don’t have enough staff to provide transportation for students and guests to/from the Vienna Airport, but our staff in Gaming is happy to help students with trip planning.
  3. Public transportation in Austria makes it very easy to get to the Vienna Airport from Gaming. The trip takes just under 3 hours, with one short bus trip and 1-2 train legs. On most weekends, you’ll find plenty of other students making the trip to Vienna on their way to the airport, Vienna train stations, or just a weekend in Austria’s capital. Students making train/flight reservations should give themselves enough time (approximately 3 hours) from Gaming to Vienna, or vice versa, in planning their excursions.