Annie Niemaszyk

Austria Blogger

What’s up! My name is Annie Niemaszyk, and I am currently a sophomore communications major with a marketing minor. Born and raised in New England, New Hampshire is the state I call home. I make sure a few of the paths I take in life are frequently on a dirt path hiking up a mountain or skiing fast on snowy slopes down a mountain. Photography, writing, and video editing are my go-to hobbies. Whether it be taking a picture of a beautiful landscape, friend, infant, etc., writing aimlessly with a hot coffee by my side, or adding transitions and cuts while editing a music video for a friend, technology, pens, and caffeine are my pals. I’m a proud member of Stella Marie, and Franciscan has become the place where I have found a second home, a sisterhood, and personal relationship with our Lord. This semester, I’m excited to travel to Europe’s countries and cities that I’ve only seen in pictures, but will actually be able to experience their culture and livelihood in person. I’m open to adventure and always excited for what’s next and willing to dive into the unique and unknown parts of what we call – life.